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Mahfuz Islam Khan Jabed


Predicting stock market prices is a challenging task in the financial sector, where the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) posits the impossibility of accurate prediction due to the inherent uncertainty and complexity of stock price behaviour. However, introducing Machine Learning algorithms has shown the feasibility of stock market price forecasting. This study employs advanced Machine Learning models that can predict stock price movements with the right level of accuracy if the correct parameter tuning and appropriate predictor models are developed. In this research work, the LSTM model, which is a type of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), time series forecasting Facebook Prophet algorithm and Random Forest Regressor model have been implemented on 10 Dhaka Stock Market (DSEbd) listed companies and six international giants for predicting the stock and forecasting the future price. The dataset of domestic companies is extracted from the graphical representation of the DSEbd website, and the international companies' dataset is imported from Yahoo Finance. In this experiment, Facebook Prophet demonstrates a long period of forecasting with reasonable accuracy, capturing daily, weekly, and yearly seasonality, including holiday effects for market trend analysis. Remarkably, the LSTM model exhibits significant accuracy, yielding the best results with evaluation metrics, including RMSE (0.35), MAPE (0.50%), and MAE (0.30). The experimental results underscore the efficiency of LSTM for future stock forecasting, observed over 15 days of upcoming market prices. A comparison of the results shows that the LSTM model efficiently forecasts the next day's closing price.

JEL Classification Codes: H54, P42, G17, C88.


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Jabed , M. I. K. (2024). STOCK MARKET PRICE PREDICTION USING MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUES . American International Journal of Sciences and Engineering Research, 7(1), 1–6.
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