American International Journal of Sciences and Engineering Research

Current Issue

Vol 3 No 1 (2020)
Published January 1, 2020
Issue Description

General Information of AIJSER
ISSN: 2641-0303 (Print)
ISSN: 2641-0311 (Online)
Publisher: American Center of Science and Education
Management Office: 8700, Broadway St., Houston, TX-77061, USA

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Aims & Scope

American International Journal of Sciences and Engineering Research is a peer-reviewed international scientific and open access journal published by the American Center of Science and Education. The subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:-

  • Fisheries Science, Aquaculture;
  • Aquatic environmental monitoring, investigation, and assessment;
  • Aquatic pollution and remediation; 
  • Oceanography, Limnology, Aquatic biology; 
  • Aquatic chemistry, Aquatic ecology; 
  • Aquatic toxicology, Hydrology, Geology; 
  • Dynamics of aquatic ecosystems; 
  • Water treatment, Ocean engineering, Hydraulic engineering; 
  • Environmental economics and management;
  • Conservation and utilization of aquatic resources
  • Technical, non-technical, strategic, operational, and managerial topics of the civil aviation sectors.
  • Climate change
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Waste and water management
  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Environmental technologies
  • Green construction and sustainable development
  • Sustainable land development
  • Environmental economics and policy
  • Urban planning and development
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Social impact assessment
  • Sustainable agricultural systems
  • Environmental physics,
  • environmental chemistry,
  • environmental economics,
  • environmental management,
  • environmental engineering & technology,
  • environmental health, ecological and environmental protection
  • air and water pollution, solid waste, noise, recycling, natural resources, climate change, biodiversity, and so on.
  • Agriculture & Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Foodservice & Regulation
  • Labour and education on food production
  • Marketing, Wholesale, and distribution
  • Research & Development of food technology
  • Financial Services in the modern food industry 
  • Food policy matters, food quality, food nutrition, food safety, etc.
  • It also publishes papers concerning obesity research, food processing and control technologies, food chemistry
  • Theories and methods of safety science, engineering, and technology
  • Safety management, monitoring and supervision, and occupational health
  • Safety assessment and risk analysis
  • Safety economics
  • Safety psychology and education
  • Fire and blast safety and smoke control
  • Safety in the coal mine, Machinery, and civil engineering
  • The drug, healthcare, and patient safety
  • Food safety
  • Construction and environment safety
  • Traffic and transportation safety
  • Chemical health and safety of hazardous materials
  • Synchronization Protocols and Algorithms
  • Security Protocols and Algorithms
  • QoS Protocols and Algorithms
  • Ad-Hoc and Sensor Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Content Delivery Networks Protocols and Algorithms
  • P2P Protocols and Algorithms
  • Cluster-Based Protocols and Algorithms
  • Real-Time Protocols and Algorithms
  • Wireless Protocols and Algorithms
  • MAC Protocols and Algorithms for Wired Networks
  • Mobile wireless internet protocols and algorithms
  • Delay-Tolerant protocols and algorithms
  • Mesh network protocols and algorithms
  • Protocols and algorithms for Voice over IP delivery
  • Cognitive Radio Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Monitoring and management protocols and algorithms
  • Optical networking protocols and algorithms
  • Scalable Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Protocols and algorithms for Green Computing and Resource Allocation
  • Power Efficient and Energy Saving Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Routing Protocols and Algorithms
  • Tree-based Protocols and Algorithms
  • Distributed/Decentralized Algorithms for Networks
  • Fault-tolerant Protocols and Algorithms
  • Protocols and algorithms for Mobile and Dynamic Networks
  • Cross-Layer Collaborative Protocols and Algorithms
  • Formal methods and cryptographic algorithms for communication
  • Multimedia Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Network Protocols and Algorithms for Context-Aware and Semantic Networks
  • Localized Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Transport Layer Protocols
  • Smart grid Protocols and Algorithms
  • Network Protocols Simulation Techniques
  • Protocols and Algorithms for Mobile and Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Cloud Computing Network Protocols and Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to Network Protocols
  • Protocols and algorithms for IPTV delivery



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All submissions will be checked by Turnitin before being sent to reviewers.

Keep a Similarity Index <30% and single-source matches are not <5%


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